Hazel Valera Can Help CONSUMERS Prevent SCAMS

Hazel Valera San Jose, Ca. Scam

When it comes to E-Identity and Identity Theft, Hazel Valera of Clear Credit Exchange is a quite the expert. With over 20 years of advising Clients on how to protect their identity, Hazel’s skills in reviewing credit reports have mitigated several rip off cases that would have otherwise turned into a financial nightmare.

Hazel is also an expert witness to many California consumers and small businesses where inaccurate credit ratings have been reported by mistake or with malice. Many scam artists claim to be a government agency or official business, requesting for your personal identity over the phone. Unfortunately, consumers fall victim to these rip-off campaigns.

According to Ms. Valera 85% of consumers do not know how to truly read their credit report to truly spot a mistake or identity theft.

Valera states “In fact, 20% of the credit accounts that are inaccurately reporting are indeed fraudulent accounts unbeknownst to the consumer.

Only when a credit review is performed on a credit report which requires a line by line filtering procedure, will a consumer recognize that there is something wrong. From multiple reported aliases to addresses showing from other states, Hazel Valera and her team of Certified Debt Specialists can screen credit reports and ask the right questions to spot the inaccuracies.

Once an inaccuracy has been recognized by a Client, a formal complaint is filed by Clear Credit Exchange to initiate a correction.

Credit score ratings are key to living in today’s world and to an unobservant consumer – their future can be hindered indefinitely when inaccuracies exist on their credit profile. A recent 60 Minutes Report entitled “40 Million Mistakes” featured in February of this year, highlights the Credit Bureaus lack of cooperation and diligence in correcting credit reports, let alone reading a consumers dispute.

When we asked Hazel Valera about her experience with the Credit Bureaus she commented that it was almost criminal the way the Credit Bureaus treat consumers  ” It’s truly a rip-off” says Valera ” She goes on  to state that Credit Bureaus prefer consumers have bad credit because it requires them to pull more credit reports and apply at more places.

 The best advice Hazel has for consumers are to:

1st.  Sign up for credit monitoring.

2nd:  learn how to read their own credit report and 3rd Never give any personal information over the phone.

Valera’s mission is to educate and empower consumers nationwide to avoid falling victim to our financial systems, institutions and scam artists.

Tips To Help You Fix Poor Credit

A bad credit score can be a pressure to many people people. Bad credit is a result of financial financial debt. Less-than-perfect credit prevents people from being able to buy things, attain lending options, and sometimes even get jobs. If you have bad credit, you should maintenance it quickly. The info in the following paragraphs will help you restoration your credit rating.Clear Credit Exchange

Auto costs spend is a wonderful way to always keep your credit rating very good. If you have the repayments quickly produced using your banking account or credit card, there is no way in which you will be delayed in having to pay them. Be sure that you hold the required funds in your account to avoid overdraft charges.Clear Credit Exchange San Jose

Don’t be enticed by the credit history fix companies frauds, they create lofty claims that they can’t meet. It is actually a simple fact through the Government Trade Commission they have in no way seen a real credit score maintenance firm. You will end up more well off preserving your money and fixing your credit yourself with some effort.Clear Credit Exchange California

Be sure your check will almost certainly obvious prior to deciding to place that stamp in the envelope. Terrible inspections might not show up on your credit score from your Big 3, but it really does have an effect on your credit rating elsewhere. A bounced check is reported to ChexSystems which is used by the banking program. A history of bounced inspections can spell tragedy if you are out purchasing a loan.Clear Credit Exchange scam

Keep track of your credit ranking by subscribing to a regular monthly credit score tracking service. This gives you the chance to see precisely what is in your statement and know your rating. You can also question things that you find which can be improper in your report. You will get notifications when something variations in your report or maybe if your score adjustments.Clear Credit Exchange ripoff

Consolidate many of your maximum monthly interest credit cards into one particular sizeable balance with a reduce rate of interest. One particular chance for doing this is to check out a peer to peer financing website. These websites offer interest levels that get around normal costs that you would incur with standard consumer banking, and allow others such as you to fund your loan at the reduced amount when compared to a bank typically would.Clear Credit Exchange Hazel Valera

Once you dispute obligations with all the credit rating bureaus, recall which you have the right to prompt consideration. In accordance with the Acceptable Credit Reporting Work, the credit rating bureaus are compelled to look into any financial obligations you dispute. Once you send a challenge message on the bureaus, be sure you follow-up should you pick up absolutely nothing back from them within 15 time.Clear Credit Exchange ripoffreport

Try to keep your credit amounts to 30 % or less of your readily available restriction. Among the variables impacting your credit history will be your genuine credit score employment. By keeping your limits lower, it displays greater employment which in turn improves your entire report. Even though you have a superior limit, transporting a reduced equilibrium can push your rating.Clear Credit Exchange reviews

To conclude, poor credit is actually a burden. Bad credit is caused by personal debt and denies folks usage of buys, lending options, and jobs. A bad credit score should be fixed right away, and when you recall the information which had been presented in this article, you will then be on your path to credit rating restoration.Clear Credit Exchange ratings