katt williams class action lawsuit oakland

Stranger things have happened, but not to Katt Williams. The comedian and organizer Live Nation are being sued by fans in a major class action lawsuit  oakland for failing to deliver on the promise of a good show. 

Fans argue that they paid good money to see Katt live but only got to see him on stage for about 10 minutes before he picked a fight with a member of the audience, thus putting an end to the show, TMZ reports.

The whole thing went down earlier this month, on November 16.

“According to the lawsuit – filed on the day before Thanksgiving in Alameda County, CA – Katt’s show ended after just 10 minutes, but not before he ‘confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members’,” TMZ reports.

The fans are asking for unspecified damages and, chances are, they will at least be getting their ticket money back.

Reps for Katt or Live Nation were not immediately available for comment.