katt williams meltdown on stage in oakland ca

Katt Williams’ set was cut too short after he went off on a heckler and had an extreme meltdown.

 Williams has been making headlines for numerous things lately, including domestic abuse, but this time he’s the only one involved and to blame for his current mess. Katt recently had a show in Oakland, CA at the Oracle Arena and all was going well with the openers despite the late start, that was until the main act came on…

Fans who were there said that the comedian started removing his shirt and was sweating up a storm while rapping offensive lyrics. The set was filled with rambling and after a heckler rubbed Katt the wrong way, that’s when it all started to crumble. Williams went verbally off on the man in the audience, challenging him to a fight backstage. He even told the man to bring his “b*tch” with him when he came.

Soon after his little outburst, Katt’s own security had to escort him offstage. This only made the audience even madder. Many wanted their money back since tickets weren’t cheap, ranging from $33 to $94 bucks.

Erick Lucero, a security guard who worked at the arena, said:

“It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The whole show went really well (before Williams’ main set). … It was a packed house, and everyone was really satisfied with the show.”

Well before Katt went bonkers and ruined the evening that is. Close friends to Williams said that the meltdown could be credited to cocaine. That would explain not only the rash behavior but the sweating as well.

Poor Katt. He was going so far in his career, but he can’t seem to get back on track. What is it with comedians and emotional breakdowns?