Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Tracy, Ca – Sexual Harassment Attorney in Tracy, California: How to Say No Employee Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

 Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Tracy, California1Address any obstacles to reporting sexual harassment at the workplace. Here are some common reasons:.

Feeling embarrassed and humiliated by the occurrence: do not be embarrass; know that you can report anonymously.

Concern the matter will be trivialised and disregarded: sexual harassment is normally taken extremely seriously.

Feeling insecure and think that you will not be believed, as very frequently there is no evidence of the occurrence: discover evidence and report with confidence.

Feeling that no action will be taken and the suspect will be enabled to go free of cost: if you do not report, the perpetrator will surely be allowed to continue his activities free of repercussions, but if you report, you are providing yourself a chance to escape from the circumstance.

There is a fear from chatter and additional embarrassment: report anonymously if possible. Concern not humiliations and gossips; individuals will more most likely sympathise with you than humiliate you further.sexual harassment case

Worry of negative consequences and retaliation from the harasser and even the primary employer: you need to analyze the advantages and threats meticulously. Find a better job if this takes place.

Concern being asked to leave or taking a transfer even if the harasser is discovered guilty: you need to choose whether it is even worse to suffer sexual harassment or move away from him if required.Sexual Harassment lawyer in Livemore, California

2Recognise that sexual harassment in the work environment removes the right to work and live with dignity. Often, these ordinary and small circumstances take on accumulative and improved patterns, permeating the entire lives of the affected women.

3Firmly say no to the offender and try to keep away from him as much as possible.

4If the sexual harassment persists, report the incidence, anonymously if you must.